Why Choose RBM and printing-expo.online

Wayne beckett
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Chris Watson & Wayne Beckett - Joint Managing Directors and owners of RBM and organisers of printing-expo.online

The owners of RBM have a massive amount of experience within the print and exhibition industry.


We have worked in print for a collective 70 years and understand the business - we know how tough it can be out there at the moment. We get the fact that, as run lengths shorten and margins reduce it's about finding the right work for your company.


We also understand that ever changing technology makes equipment selection difficult - do you stay with Litho? Do you go down the Inkjet route? Is there a happy mix for the type of work you’re taking on? 


From office management right through to recruitment, sales and marketing, job cost analysis, estimating, pre-press automation, equipment procurement and removal, production management, holiday cover and logistics, RBM can analyse the situation and offer a tailor made solution to enable your business to be more effective. 


If all you need is a bit of help or advice, then you should at least give us a call - sometimes things can look a lot different with a bit of help.