Virtual Environments

We can create 3D virtual environments for any application - these are a few initial render images for a current showroom project we have in build for Muller Martini - this showroom will include full 3D renders of equipment taken from the manufacturer's CAD drawings, 2nd floor break out rooms and full auditorium.

Completed projects

Pico Group are a brand management company that wanted a bespoke environment to host conferences and live events - we created an environment that can be used globally with a facility to live stream conferences - view full online version

Screenshot 2020-09-02 at 13.13.57.png

Full 3D hi-resolution machine renders using the manufacturer's CAD drawings to actual dimensions. View online version

Screenshot 2020-09-02 at 14.21.41.png

This movie takes you through the sequence of visiting a virtual exhibition and conference venue then arriving at a custom branded virtual auditorium.

Exhibition stands - 3D hi-resolution exhibition stands built from CAD designs incorporating hi-resolution 3D equipment. Click here for online version

Photorealistic 3D renders

Our modelling team is a group of an outstanding creative designers who work to produce the most accurate and realistic 3D content for our platform customers. The very latest 3D modelling, game asset models, and high-resolution texturing, lighting and rendering techniques are used to create stunningly real interactive online products and environments. Whether that is an industrial component, an FMCG product, an exhibition stand, or an entire building, our 3D art makes every journey through our platform instance feel real… watch the movie to see what we mean.