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Complis - Print Management software

Complis - taking print buying to another level through total control and visibility!


Used by global Print Management Companies, Charities, some of the UK’s top brands, and financial institutes, Complis® offers the most comprehensive cloud based print management workflow solution for print buyers, marketeers and brand managers.


In addition to all of the standard features that you would expect to find, such as estimating, supply chain management, and some features that you didn't even know you needed, Complis® also includes an evolving wealth of additional features; to future proof your investment in Complis®. What's more, it is a single application, so customers' Estimates, Online Orders, Template Orders and Digital Assets are all in one place. 


Many companies that spend significant amounts of money on products and services, may consider outsourcing to specialist procurement companies, such as Print Management companies.

Complis® gives you all of the benefits offered by some of the best procurement companies without the risk of losing visibility or control of your spend. If your requirement is to manage your own print suppliers, then Complis® can be configured to allow this and still have the support and technical resource of print managers with our consultants who are always available to help, either on short or long term contract.

Complis®, in addition to working as a procurement tool, can also be rolled out throughout your business for managing inventory, as an online e-Procurement solution, Digital Asset Management System, intranet portal and more, potentially saving larger companies millions compared to alternative solutions. Supplier profiling, stock re-order level monitoring and simple reordering tools makes Complis® an ideal solution for companies big and small to manage their business. 


By centralising all of your digital assets, you will spend less time searching and more time being productive. Not only artwork, but logos, fonts, photo libraries, in fact any file can be stored and easily retrieved, shared, archived and more.

Complis® has been designed with efficiency built in. For example changing a logo in the Digital Asset Management library, will automatically affect all future orders for templates using the logo or uploading artwork for a product automatically creates a thumbnail for Online Ordering, as well as giving suppliers a link to download the artwork directly from the email.

Online campaign management directly involves all parties in the workflow, so everyone will have access to the latest information, everyone will be using the correct version of files, and everyone will be notified immediately when there are tasks ready for them to action. Users can also see project plan Gantt charts which are automatically created for every campaign.


Complis® integrates with your existing legacy systems as well as those of your customers, suppliers and service providers. Integrating with your own systems, such as Sage, SAP or Ariba is very straight forward and usually just involves us entering some configuration details. 


Complis® is used by people throughout your organisation as well as customers and suppliers integrating everyone directly into the workflow. Everyone involved can access Complis® easily from anywhere and on any device, so that you can work more efficiently getting more done in less time.


Estimating & Request for Quotations (RFQ)

Specifications captured on the estimate are matched to suitable suppliers based on capabilities, Complis® then creates Request For Quotations (RFQs) and emails them to the most suitable suppliers at the click of a button.

Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Purchasing has never been easier. Complis® holds information about which suppliers to use for which products. This applies to stocked items as well as one-off items created from estimates.

Stock Control with full audit trail

Everything that goes into stock is labelled and recorded and can only be moved, picked or despatched by scanning the correct item. Even stock held at the suppliers or external warehousing facilities is managed in the same way, so you have full visibility of your assets in real time, all of the time.

Sales Order Processing & Online Ordering

Online ordering for your customers is an integral part of Complis®. Products are set up easily, often as part of the estimating process, and are available for customers to order immediately. Thumbnails are also automatically created as soon as the artwork or an image is uploaded.

Adobe InDesign

Templates can be set up for similar artwork requirements and ordered online. From business cards to large format banners, Complis® uses the power of Adobe InDesign and the built in Digital Asset Management to build your artwork for instant proofing.

Cloud stored Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Digital Asset Management is an integral feature of Complis®. Artwork and other files can be uploaded at any stage of a project and can be made available, via a download link, to the relevant supplier(s) when a purchase order is raised. 

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