IT Services

Imagine how large your IT department would have to be to fulfil every one of your business’s IT demands: internal systems, W2P websites, JDF/JMF integration, systems development, disaster recovery and business continuity, etc.

It would outstrip every other department!

And what’s more, it would take the focus of your business away from what it actually does and, instead, towards just managing the supporting technology.

RBM helps to bridge the gap between the capacity of your IT department, and the increasing demand for machine integration through API's in order to give you a workflow that is fast-moving, stable and high-performing.


RBM uses its print expertise and resources to bundle up technologies, software and solutions and provide them ‘as a service’.

The primary value of this is to provide competitive advantage. To make the most of the capacity of your IT department to add value to your business, rather than dealing with this day-to-day.