It's easy to control your own exhibition stand's content

At , exhibitors have control over their stand’s content, allowing updates of product information and visitor facing content at any time and as often as required.

The exhibitor’s dashboard is provided to all stand owners and has a number of functions and provides access to the following modules:

• Exhibition Editor (CMS)

• Statistics Viewer

• Visitor CRM

• VIP Invites

This allows exhibitors to update ‘Hot Spot’ content, check visitor numbers, leads and enquiries, as well as order free e-Ticket invitations for any number of exclusive visitors.

We recommend that Hot Spots are populated with multi-media materials in addition to

descriptive text and images including pdfs, videos, images, web pages and 3D models

which helps to maximise the quality of information visitors receive. ‘Sub-spots’ can be added providing a link to further Hot Spots within a Hot Spot. In this way

a complete product family can be presented together with easy navigation.

The Hot Spot is key to generating sales leads from a stand. In addition to the product

information contained within it, each Hot Spot has its own unique URL and can be

accessed directly and shared on social media etc. Visitors can also choose to contact

exhibitors via email or the platform messenger tool.

Pins are the active icons that appear on static and 360° stand views, which open Hot Spots

when they are clicked by visitors.

Pins can be supplied to us as static images or small animations. There is a library of existing pins, but new files should be supplied as:

• .svg (for animated graphics)

• .png (with transparent background)

• .gif

• .psd (with clipping paths)

• .jpg

When a visitor clicks a Pin on the stand, they are presented with a pop-up called 'Hot Spot'.

Each Hot Spot contains all the information and downloads that have been added via the V-

Ex platform content management system (CMS) for a specific product or service.

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