Create your own pull-up banner on your exhibition stand at

One of the most common exhibition items in the world, most companies will already have existing artwork for a pull-up banner.

A ‘Standard Stand Element’ is included as an option with shell scheme packs #1 and #2 which cover 3x3m and 6x3m stands. They can also be added to ‘Designer stands’ and custom builds.  

As part of a pack, they are a free option, however, they can also be added later as an additional stand item, regardless of which stand pack you have.

Artwork requirements are the same as for a conventional live pull-up banner at 2000mm height x 750mm wide at 72dpi, so you’ll probably already have the files for this.

Once you have specified your stand and ordered your stand elements the option to add the artwork to your banner is provided in your online user tools.

A login for your user tools will be provided and once you have an account set-up you can then add or edit Standard Stand Elements and Advanced Stand Elements at any time.

To find out more, contact us now.

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