The Printing Expo Virtual Exhibition will work in the same way that a live exhibition does, except that you can visit at any time, from anywhere. The hall and all the stands will be rendered out to real physical dimensions. So when the show opens in June 2020, visitors will be able to navigate through the hall and visit a virtual representation of your stand, complete with 3D products.

  • Open to visitors 24/7 365 days a year

  • Share the experience with some of the world’s biggest brands

  • See the latest products and identify industry trends

  • Join a wide range of visitors to the show from around the world

  • Exhibitors can launch new products and services to a huge audiance

  • Stand content can be kept up-to-date using the free Stand Manager too

An Immersive Browsing ExperiencePrinting Expo is a true ‘online exhibition’, in the sense that it has been designed at real world scale. The physical aspects look real. It provides a genuine visitor experience. Visitors From Around The World  Exhibitors have visibility of their stand traffic and are able to identify which hotspots are most frequently opened and what content is most popular. 

Shell Scheme Stands - Our shell 3m x 3m and 6m x 3m shell scheme stands are designed to give exhibitors a strong presence at the show, while providing a range of straight-forward options that can be combined to make each stand unique.  Custom Build Stands - With a Custom build you have the opportunity to reproduce any stand accurately or get creative and build the exhibition stand you have always wanted. Our show organisers and technical team on hand to support any ideas and help you make your custom stand a reality.  

Designer Stand

stand elements and even has additional configurable aspects including colours, materials and wall graphics.  If you would like to know more about Printing-Expo-online Email - Tel: +44 07496 616063

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