The launch of Resolve's exhibitor's stand allows you to see what visitors would experience

when they visit the printing-expo virtual exhibition. It includes 3D views of the stand including any equipment or products that may be displayed and 'hotspots' to click onto which allows the visitor to view video content or downloadable sales and technical brochures. The exhibitor's back-office provides control of the hotspots and related content so that these can be kept up to date.

Visitor registstration allows the exhibitor to collect GDPR compliment data about who visited, what they viewed or downloaded, allowing a more targeted sales follow up. This information can be uploaded directly in to the exhibitors own CRM via the API connection. Hotspots of free 'goodie bag' items that can be sent to the visitor's registered address can be added to encourage visitor registration.

You can register your interest for the show as a visitor or exhibitor by clicking here

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