printing-expo open to all is open to all industry suppliers and has so far attracted a list that is currently headed by Muller Martini and another as yet unidentified major OEM where sign off is expected imminently.

Wayne Beckett, show director, whose trade show CV includes Ipex, says that the event will replicate the conventional trade show in almost every aspect except that it runs all year, 24/7.

There will be registration on entry, details of stand visitors available to exhibitors and stands rendered to a real-life design. It will be possible for a company taking a large stand to show a B1 press, or many for example, so there will be a range of stand designs and sizes including many custom builds says Beckett. Equipment and products will be rendered up to precise placement of logos and the ability to walk around and peer into the equipment. A conference area will include space for coffee and networking, double doors and theatre style seating to reflect the real world as closely as possible.

“For one client we are currently building a full showroom including equipment, reception area, upper deck meeting zone reached by an elevator” he says. “For us it’s about the entirety of the experience. This is not like attending a Zoom call. ”The sales process, he says, has been delayed by lockdowns and furloughs leaving prospective exhibitors without key staff. Now there is much greater activity, with smaller customers signing up recently. “It is the same process as signing people up to live events. This is not about online seminars; it’s about giving exhibitors real leads and real value.”

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