SEO your Exhibition Stand recommends optimising your stand and its hotspots to drive visitors to your stand's content.

SEO, the biggest marketing buzzword of the last ten years, and rightly so… Search Engine Optimisation is your way of being found on the internet.

Even though we have our own visitors who will be personally invited to the show, to maximise exposure and footfall, the virtual exhibition has been designed and constructed on the V-Ex platform with SEO in-mind since its inception and the first platform version in 2013.

We recommend that exhibitors populate their stand's hotspots with a wealth of multi-media

materials including pdfs, videos, images and descriptive text which will help to maximise the quality of information stand visitors receive and improve the SEO.

Each Hotspot has its own unique URL and is searched by Google (and other search engines) to index its content and attract internet traffic from outside the confines of the show platform – which is great news for all our exhibitors.

While the platform is well optimised, stand administrators will be able to add meta descriptions and keywords as well as #tags to all their Hotspot content, to give it an extra boost, something we strongly advise exhibitors to do.

Having said this, any backlinks you can create to point visitors from other web pages, blogs and social channels will all help increase visitor numbers tremendously.

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