The show will go on provides a unique digital marketing opportunity by including pre-press, printing, folding and finishing equipment as well as consumable products on your exhibition stand. We can produce detailed to-scale recreations of your equipment with links to further product information such as sales brochures, videos and case studies and place them on a custom built stand or in a recreation of your showroom. We can even design a whole building to house a range of equipment in a showroom and add a digital conference centre with networking and meeting rooms along with a registration reception area.

Once your stand is built, you can market your products or services in multiple languages to a global audience and, being in an exhibition environment, visitors are more willing to register for the exhibition to allow you to collect their data in the CRM that is provided in the back-office of your stand

virtual exhibition

The virtual stand can also be embedded into your own web site to provide additional marketing opportunities as well as providing a tool to generate sales leads. Not only does this draw additional traffic to your website but when visitors register for the exhibition, your stand allows you to collect their data.

printing-expo never closes and is open all year and with some big names and bespoke stands containing products and equipment that will make the experience more attractive and enjoyable. You can update your stand with new brochures, video content and stand hotspots as many times and as often as you like, making it a hub of new information for clients and prospects.

With the exhibition running regular seminars and marketing itself too, your stand could draw visitors from areas that you may not already be targeting.

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