Virtual Events v Virtual Events

A lot of ‘virtual events’ are taking place which, under the current circumstances, has provided an essential alternative to some of the previous methods that business and people operated. I sometimes have a virtual drink and a chat with my family in an evening during the weekend. There are however a wide range of type of virtual events and the experience that this provides to the user and the host varies a lot from good to bad, to boring.

Looking at a flat 2D web page that has repetitive images and buttons to click on to view video content is pretty unexciting and the visitor will soon become bored. A lot don’t inform the host know who has visited or what they viewed and is therefore not a great marketing tool either. They don’t encourage the visitor to return as once they have visited the site and seen everything that there is to see, there is no reason for them to pay another visit.

A 3D walk-around virtual exhibition, such as that contains a visual range of stands that can be ‘visited’, is a different matter. The user immediately understands the concept as it’s designed to resemble shows that they may have visited before and the stands look like, well, exhibition stands. It can also be a fun experience for the visitor. For example, doors can be added to an

exhibition hall or stand which can only be accessed with a code given to select visitors to reveal additional content or exclusive deals.

Each exhibitor can upload new content to their stand at any time and add free goodie-bag items for the visitor to request and add to their shopping cart. offers a pick, pack and despatch service for items that visitors have requested. The exhibitor can issue VIP e-tickets and collect visitor data for follow up by sales teams.

The exhibition organiser can market the whole show and arrange exclusive show seminars, webinars and trade related educational material, all to entice visitors to return time and again.

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