Why exhibit at virtual exhibition provides a unique sales and marketing opportunity for exhibitors.

Printing-expo’s virtual exhibition provides OEM’s with a unique showcase for their products and services in an arena that is branded and stylised specifically to them by creating an exhibition stand that either replicates an existing or conceptualised version, or a stand that can be designed from scratch that will give the visitor a unique virtual experience (and possibly a fun one too). The visitor can do this from the comfort of their desk or home, 24/7/365 and return as many times as they wish. Exhibitors have access to their back office so that they can update and refresh their content to encourage return visits and the show itself will run seminars and conferences to make the show a hub for print industry news and information.

Multi-language content can be available on the exhibition stand to make the visit attractive to existing clients or potential new ones. One way this can be done is to add avatars of members of your sales team from a range of multi-national sales hubs which the visitor can click on to see promotional video, sales and technical brochures and content in their own language from a salesperson that they may be familiar with.

Visitors to a stand can be encouraged to register by offering goodie bag items, control over news updates, visit history (which can provide a list of stands visited or videos watched) and access to direct messaging from industry experts and tech support. Visitors will also have access to a personalised dashboard and exhibitors can then direct message them about show renewals, seminars or cool new stand features. The dashboard allows exhibitors to update ‘Hot Spot’ content, check visitor numbers, leads and enquiries, as well as order free e-Ticket invitations for any number of exclusive visitors.

e-Tickets to a stand (or a show) can be made using the VIP services using the VIP tab on the exhibitor’s dashboard and so will make those visitors trackable and appear in the CRM tab of the exhibition stand owners.

The CRM feature lists the tracked visits to the exhibition stand and provides profile data to the exhibitor so that they can see the individual people who have visited the stand and what they viewed along with their personal contact data. The processing of personal data will always be in line with GDPR and will take account of any country-specific data protection regulations. The dashboard could also be linked via API to an exhibitors own CRM software.

Without the need for travel, accommodation, time out of the business by a range of staff to host the stand and being a virtual show, the environmental credentials and cost savings are high compared to a physical show. And once the stand is created and ‘built’, it’s available to visitors 24/7/365 and not for the usual set amount of days and then ‘scrapped’ at the end of a standard exhibition.

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