Will your virtual exhibition stand be off-the-peg or tailor-made?

When you’re considering presenting your virtual exhibition stand to the world, you could take one of the many options that are being offered on many platforms where you select a stand from a pre-defined list of fairly standard designs. This may be a cheaper option but your stand, apart from the branding, will look the same as many others at that virtual exhibition. It's also more than likely that you won’t be able to display your products on the stand too.

Alternatively, with, you could have your own bespoke stand of any shape or size containing additional features such as networking areas, auditoriums or meeting rooms. Printing-expo offers a bespoke stand design service which can be worked from scratch by our designers or, you can submit us a CAD design of one of your existing exhibition stands. You could also have your established stand designer create a bespoke design and send us the files to re-create.

Not only will your stand be unique, which in itself will attract visitors, but it could also be designed around any equipment that you may wish to display or launch on your stand by sending us the CAD file of the these products too. Not only can this be displayed at the printing-expo exhibition but you could use your stand on your own website as a digital marketing tool. Printing-expo will assist you by guiding you through the transition from physicality to virtuality.

Don’t let reality hold you back.

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