Digitising the print industry

"With our products, printers pave the way to digitisation and can work more efficiently with their partners."

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RBM are proud to be the UK distributers of Zaikio Procurement

As cloud experts, Zaikio know how to develop modern software for today's requirements. Backed by their parent company, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, they also have the resources they need and decades of industry know-how, to build sustainable products that massively simplify the day-to-day work of printers.

Zaikio's task is to link all the partners in a print business technically in order to pave the way for digitisation and automation. Together with our partners, we tackle it step by step, and bring everyone together on one stage.

Welcome to Zaikio!

Materials procurement has never been this easy. With Zaikio Procurement, you can record all material requirements in your print business in one central place. With just a few clicks, you can view the current availability and prices of your required materials and order them directly. This saves you at least half of all previously necessary phone calls and e-mails and avoids painful errors..

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No more flying blind with orders 

See availability and up-to-date prices in Zaikio Procurement

What does Zaikio Procurement Offer?

Requirements Planning

Zaikio Procurement connects to your MIS, production floor, and warehouse to gather all the materials you need at a single glance – whether it's a stock item or a customer's special request.

Availability and prices at a glance

All suppliers, availability, and prices are pooled in one central database- searchable in seconds.

It's time to get rid of all the manually updated and messy spreadsheets.

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Direct access to connected suppliers

Many partners allow you to submit orders right from

our software with no phone calls or emails.

Pricing information, availability, and delivery dates are just one click away.

Your conditions remain unchanged

Zaikio Procurement acts as a broker of orders. You keep all your business relationships and existing pricing conditions.

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Price queries in your MIS
Check item prices and availability while calculating the offer. Connect Zaikio Procurement to your MIS and submit orders right from your MIS.

Artificial inteligence
Zaikio Procurement recognises low stock, regular recurring orders and duplicate entries. The built-in assistant will make your life easier.

Order optimisation
Zaikio Procurement allows you to convert pallets, reels and kilograms so you will only order what you need at the best price price possible.

Never miss a beat

Orders don't stop when you hit submit. Keep track of your deliveries and receive updates whenever the status of your order changes.


We make starting as easy as possible for you!


Zaikio Procurement can be used immediately without any installation effort or training. You will be guided through the entire registration process and can ask questions at any time.Zaikio serves only as an intermediary. You continue to order directly from your supplier at your usual conditions. You do not incur any additional costs through Zaikio Procurement. We finance ourselves through a refund from the participating suppliers.We'd love to present Zaikio Procurement to you in a short online demonstration and discuss how it can help you leverage your procurement processes and business success.

Premier is the first supplier in the UK to be fully connected to Zaikio Procurement. Printers can check Premier’s material availability and prices, and order directly via Zaikio Procurement, free of charge.
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The partnership with Tharstern will begin immediately. The MIS will soon be connected to Zaikio Procurement, offering customers the possibility to directly access the supplier’s ranges from the system.

If you would like to find out more about this revolutionary new system either fill in the contact us form below or call Wayne on +44 (0) 7496 616063 or email