• Calculation of process costs and contribution margins

  • Complete separation for production description and production path settings allows for the calculation of various production paths (i.e. digital vs. offset) for the same product, including all finishing machines

  • Calculation based on human-readable and editable formulas that contain product-specific variables (such as number of colours, pages, page sizes, paper type, more than 100 available) and user-specified machine-specific variables (such as sheets per hour, etc)

  • The usage of Excel-inspired functions is simply available in formulas, as well as standard constructs (if, else, case)

  • Additionally to time-based formulas, direct prices for in-house or external costs can also be added to the calculations (i.e. click costs for digital printers) Products can be split in several components with different page counts, colours, papers, sizes and more

  • Various variants per component are possible (i.e. language variations)

  • True, semantically correct (pages, folding sheets, etc.) on-sheet imposition that is not only used for calculation, but can also be retrieved via the API and then feed into the pre-production workflow

  • Print data file information handling with pre-processing status and message tracking

  • Comprehensive pricing overview with a focus on price selection based on product and CRM criteria (customer history, earlier margins, printer utilisation)

  • Fast calculations which allow direct output to online shops (< 2 seconds on average)

  • Comprehensive product templates (right down to price and imposing settings), templates can also be easily created from existing products

  • Outsourcing of tasks to other printers possible (when both use Keyline state information can be shared)

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